Slot Variations


In the early 1890s, gambling machines were being developed in New York. Later that decade, Charles Fey fashioned the world's first slot machine, the Liberty Bell. Fey produced this machine in San Francisco, where gambling was rampant at the time (thanks in large part to the residual effects of the California gold rush). Players could walk up to the slot, insert coins, and watch as three reels spun around. Each reel had a set of five symbols, one of which was the Liberty Bell. When the reels stopped, and three Liberty Bells appeared on the pay line, 50 cents was awarded.

When gambling was outlawed, slot machines had to be repackaged as vending machines. The symbols that appear on modern day slot machines are throwbacks to the old vending slots that distributed melon and cherry flavored gum. The Bell Fruit Gum Company's old logo became the inspiration for the BAR symbol we see today.

In the 1960s, slots got brighter and noisier. When electricity was added to the basic mechanical slot design, flashing lights and crazy sounds were introduced. By the 1970s, slots were offering increasingly fatter jackpots. Slowly but surely, slots began to draw casino players away from the classic table games. As slots became more and more popular, they began to take up more space on the floors of casinos.

When the computer revolution took off in the 1980s, video poker became the next phase of slot development. Players didn't have to split their time between slot machines and the poker tables. Everything was streamlined into one, easy-to-use video interface. Video poker continues to serve as a functional medium that bridges the gap between random luck and tactical skill.

In the 1990s, slots starting offering bonus round jackpots. Players could now keep playing with the hopes of making it to the bonus round. No longer driven by coins, slots could now accept bills of any denomination. Slot machines were now the undisputed champs of the casinos.

Advancements in the telecommunication have made home-based, virtual gambling a reality. There is no longer a need to drive to a casino to enjoy the slots. Dial up Internet access is a thing of the past. Super speed is the order of the day. Slot games at online casinos are now more crisp and realistic than ever. If you can't get enough slot-action, there are variations galore scattered all over the Web.


  • If you don't have that much cash to spend, try playing 3-reel single line slots. They're always inexpensive.
  • If you want to try and earn a massive payday with one spin, play progressive jackpots. Make sure you always bet the max when you play progressives, otherwise you might not qualify for the jackpot.
  • Bonus slots give you the chance to earn extra cash if you can get to the a secondary prize screen.
  • Multi-line slots, which appear to be the most popular slots online, have higher payout rates because there are multiple ways to win each spin.