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Thought I'd show a few of my smaller wins just in case your not into wagering the higher bet ranges that I do. As you can see with this nice win here wagered at .90 cents a spin. Got back in April 2006 and it still haunts me. Don'tr get me wrong it's a good win for a .90 cent bet, I just can't helping thinking that if the Spring Break wild had dropped on the fourth reel, wow now that would have been a really nice bonus slot win. That's another of the many reason that I like playing bonus slot machines. Granted you can go thru cold patches, but when the slot is hot, it pays pretty well. No other activity I know that you can risk 90 cents to win $170 bucks. Spring Break is well worth throw some cash at.
Spring Break Video Slot

Another one of those nice big wins. Got this in May 2006 was down to $55 bucks and thought stuff it up my bet. Five spins later the free spins hit on a $2.25 bet. As you can see this is the result of 5 lilo guys with a wilds and another 4 lilo guys too, all on the same spin. Managed to pull $1,500 that night, should have been more, but I tend to keep $500 in my bankroll just in case things are running hot with the bonus slots. I figure it's a good a idea to cash out and to also get that cash out flushed, but, it's also good to keep some bucks in the bankroll, just in case. Hopefully you can understand why I really enjoy playing bonus slots, especially microgaming 9 line bonus slots.
Spring Break Video Slot

One of those times when I was bored and simply wanted to relax, didn't care too much if I got big wins hence the small bet range of .45 cents a spin. Still as you can see by the nice little win again on Spring Break $75 actually keep you in the game for a bit longer. Don't know if I mentioned it but I only drop at most $100 each time I make a deposit, with most times being between $50 to $75 max. As I keep saying, if you get a good win put your bet up for $20 bucks or so and drop it back to what your were originally betting, this way if something should hit your going to do ok. But it also important not to be too slack on pulling up and going back to your original bet, even if it's only 45 cents a spin. It's really all about having fun. Enjoy playing Spring Break bonus slots.
Spring Break Video Slot

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